Godley Green by Claire Elliot

Godley Green is probably the biggest allocated/proposed site in the tameside area, the council are proposing thousands of houses on this one site which will totally devastate this very rural area. This area is Green belt and is bordered on all sides by roads. The M67 cuts of one side Stockport Road the other and Hyde town centre the other in a large triangle. This area is totally rural and contains fields, stables and trees along with mnay small equestrian business areas.

1. There are approx 150 horses on the godley green site. After approaching stables in surrounding area’s midway through november . Inc mottram, stalybridge , woodley , glossop , denton etc. There was a total of 10 stables free which means there is no where for these horses to go. If hyde hall farm goes in denton which also houses over 100 horses there is going to be a crisis.

Along with the fact that at these 13 approx livery stables in godley green . It provides children and adults outdoor exercise in a safe environment of using local bridleways.

The local riding school has been established for over 25 years and has provided adults and children a place to learn to ride and care for horses , again in a safe environment where again it encourages people and children to be outside and enjoy there countryside

Green lane is part of the trans pennine trail and provides a lovely walk in the countryside between werneth low and down to the old railway line which is part of the trans pennine trail . This route is used extensively by walkers/ horse riders and bike riders . And so many are seen on this route enjoying the countyside! There are so many people on a daily people that use this lane on a DAILY basis

It has an abundance of wildlife . Foxes/rabbits/bats/badgers/many species of birds and also deer have been spotted on the land!

It has a lot of local history of old stories which can be found on the hydonians facebook page.

Its a beautiful place with lots of character that cant be replaced . The garden village requirements state that a garden village CANT be urban sprawl , where again this is just the case with godley green , as it would join godley, gee cross and hattersly.

This has to be one of the most used parts of the current proposals , where a community already exists and a place where people will pass and say good morning and smile.

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