How to create a Community Woodland

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If you are intending on acquiring and managing local woodland as part of a community group, then perhaps you might like to take a look at our Community Woodland Network website, for some inspiration?

The website has resources and information relating to acquiring and managing woodland, principally for the benefit of shared ownership.  This section has documents about acquiring woodland, which you might find helpful.

This section has details about setting up a community group:

We have a section about ‘community assets’ which may also be of use:

It may be advisable to get in touch with the Small Woods Association, as they may be able to provide you with guidance on the sustainable management of woodland for commercial benefit:

Also, the Forestry Commission has a leaflet about woodland management which you may find helpful:$file/so-you-own-a-woodland.pdf

The only legislation that protects trees or groups of trees is through a Tree Preservation Order (TPO).

TPOs are usually placed on a tree with high amenity or nature conservation value.

This means that the tree or trees will need to be visible from a public place.  The official view is that the trees or tree should be protected if its removal would have a significant impact on local environment and the enjoyment of it by the public.

A tree with a TPO placed on it, requires written permission from the council before any work can be done that might affect it in any way. Without this permission, the person concerned (including the landowner) may be prosecuted.

More detailed information about tree preservation orders is on our website:

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