Godley Green Garden Village

Quick update on Godley Garden Village – we are lobbying with the press to clarify the phrasing in their articles as this is a fund for infrastructure and planning has not been processed for the plans for housing or approved. GMSF remains under rewrite of which this is garden village vision is a part and then will be under a new public consultation and we are engaging with TMBC as a landowner of land at Godley to ensure best practice is followed to protect greenbelt and also asking for an official update on the borough wide land assessment as yet incomplete, the brownfield register which needs to be recalculated as it contains half the houses that should be listed and the local plan which remains delayed. TMBC can offset housing quota to other areas and we are determined that a full reassessment is completed so all brownfield areas are looked at first and lobbying now nationally that laws are amended to force brownfield development and protect greenbeltas a priority. Updates to follow shortly.

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