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Google Reported Malware

As many off you may be aware this site and many other are constantly under attack by hackers. The hackers have recently targeted the NHS servers in a well organised denial of service attack.  Over the Past few days our servers have also been targeted which caused Google to blacklist 123Reg Servers for several hours. This restriction was to prevent further spread of any possible virus and Malware. This attack has failed as our servers are pretty robust and constantly updated.

We must all however still be vigilant and make sure your own computers are updated on a regular basis and your antivirus software updated each day.

If you receive any messages saying this site is hacked please ignore and clear your browsers chache. Do not download anything or follow instructions on the web page.

FOI Requests

As you may be aware you can request almost any information these days using the Freedom of Information Act. This is no longer the difficult obstructive process the council used to make it to avoid sending out the information.

A simple web site. ‘What do they Know’ allows you to send requests into any public body? You are not guaranteed to get the information but if you specific and keep the returning data to a small amount there will be no charge . Tameside council and the Spacial framework are both public bodies under the act to apply for anything that you require.

For example we are all wondering how it is that we were not informed of the Spacial Framework or the fact that our Greenbelt is under threat. Has anyone wondered just how much money Tameside Council has spend on this project or in particular on informing its own residents on the detail of the project. It may surprise you to know the council spent £ 6099 (4199 of which was staff wages) on directly informing its population of the proposals. That works out at around 3p per resident based on the 2011 census of 219300 resident.

The council did however estimate it had spent £ 136,100 on staff wages for 1.5 staff over a 2 year period which equates to £ 42,000 for one member of staff and £ 20000 for the part time member of staff. Not bad wages considering tameside suffers from the lowest wages in greater manchester So the council can afford to pay a part time member of staff the average wage in Tameside. Not bad work if you can get it.

Tameside also spent £ 77,112 giving funding to the Combined authority. This is then allocated towards projects like the Spacial Framework. As far as I can tell only £ 8000 of this has been allocated to this project. So thats £ 80,000 if all the 10 councils do the same. If assuming my maths is correct this works out at almost exactly the same amount as before 3p for resident. So 2.8million people are having 3p each spent on telling them of the demise of their Greenbelt and rural areas.  

You can see the FOI Request by going to downloads or clicking here

Save Tameside Greenbelt Protest Walk

CONFIRMED ! SUNDAY 15th January 2017 1030 AM Meet at Waggon & Horses Mottram Road Stalybridge SK15 2SU (at top of Matley Lane. Walk down A6018 to Mottram Junction Turn Right at the traffic lights onto Hyde Road. Walk to Hattersley Roundabout turn left onto Stockport Road.(A560) Walk straight down through Gee Cross village to continue into stockport road & finish at the Joshua Bradley.

Please do your magic by sharing & telling as many people as you can. Bring family members etc etc dogs kids etc xxx Home made banners/ placards mega phones etc LET’S GET NOTICED!!!!!!
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Communities may get New Powers?

People are to be given the ability to protect environmentally and locally important special green spaces, Communities Secretary Eric Pickles…

Can we trust these politicians to ever do the right thing. This has been proposed going way back to 1993 and has been brought up several times the lastest in 2011.

Yet here we are in 2017 waiting the destruction of our local areas.

Goverment Announces new Garden Villages

The govement has announced 14 new garden villages to be built and yes as suspected they are going to be built mainly on Greenbelt. Some are on old airfields and old Ministry of defence sites but the mainthing is the loss of greenbelt.

The developments will be distinct new places, with their own community facilities, rather than extensions to existing urban areas, the government said.

This does not help our fight and we must continue to block the frameowrk at every step.

Further information on the Garden villages can be found here.



Population Growth

Some work has been done to look at the calculation of poulation growth used by the Spatial Framework group.

It is clear that the data they are using is out of date they appear to have used data from 2008/2010. These also do not take into account the effects of a Brexit where we will be able to limit both EU and none EU immigration.

The new figures using 2016 Data predicts that well will not need to build on Green belt at this stage but Brown sites should produce enough area for the extra house required.

See below for further information I am not sure how we would go about forcing the spatial framework group to revisit the population firgures it may require a judicial review of some sort. if there are any lawyers out there this may be one avenue to look into.

If you use the new figures this half the number of houses required in our area. Taking them down to 6 or 7k. This in effect means that Apethorn, and Godley Greenwould not be required on the allocation and that exisiting Brown Belt sites would cope with the extra housing. Tameside currently only require an additional 500 houses per year to cope with current growth rates.

Please add this arguement to any objkections you are making to the Framework


28.8.25 OA25 South Tameside
Ref: Land south west of Apethorn Lane ( 230 houses )  and land east of the A560 at Bowlacre Farm. (380 houses)
Greater Manchester: Strategic Housing Market Assessment, October 2016,  states the following
1.5 The most recent previous comprehensive assessment for Greater Manchester was produced in 2008, with a subsequent review in 2010. This SHMA supersedes those previous documents and therefore presents the most up to date picture in respect of housing need across Greater Manchester. It takes account of up to date population figures available at the time of writing, most notably the 2014 Sub-National Population Projections (SNPP) published by the Office for National Statistics (ONS) in 2016 and 2014 based Household Projections, published by Communities and Local Government in 2016.
Data collected from the SNPP shows a population for Tameside of 222,148 in 2016 rising to 236,544 in 2035. This increase in population of 14,396 would equate to 6,259 houses at a habitation of 2.3 persons/house.
The justification for the OA25 South Tameside allocation is that 13,700 houses will be required in Tameside by 2035.
Even if an above baseline allowance of 25% was included in the housing requirement figure of 6,259 houses it would still only be 7,824 houses.
This number of new houses could be achieved within the existing brownfield sites without the need to release greenbelt.
The release of greenbelt sites for building development would be a strong disincentive to the rejuvenation of derelict brownfield sites as no developer would use these as a first choice option.
I object strongly to the planning strategy of the GMSF on the grounds that the projected housing requirement is overstated, it relies heavily on greenbelt release and does nothing to ensure that the post industrial derelict sites within our towns are developed as the first priority.
Mr D Morten
83 Apethorn Lane, Gee Cross, SK14 5DL

Godley Green by Claire Elliot

Godley Green is probably the biggest allocated/proposed site in the tameside area, the council are proposing thousands of houses on this one site which will totally devastate this very rural area. This area is Green belt and is bordered on all sides by roads. The M67 cuts of one side Stockport Road the other and Hyde town centre the other in a large triangle. This area is totally rural and contains fields, stables and trees along with mnay small equestrian business areas.

1. There are approx 150 horses on the godley green site. After approaching stables in surrounding area’s midway through november . Inc mottram, stalybridge , woodley , glossop , denton etc. There was a total of 10 stables free which means there is no where for these horses to go. If hyde hall farm goes in denton which also houses over 100 horses there is going to be a crisis.

Along with the fact that at these 13 approx livery stables in godley green . It provides children and adults outdoor exercise in a safe environment of using local bridleways.

The local riding school has been established for over 25 years and has provided adults and children a place to learn to ride and care for horses , again in a safe environment where again it encourages people and children to be outside and enjoy there countryside

Green lane is part of the trans pennine trail and provides a lovely walk in the countryside between werneth low and down to the old railway line which is part of the trans pennine trail . This route is used extensively by walkers/ horse riders and bike riders . And so many are seen on this route enjoying the countyside! There are so many people on a daily people that use this lane on a DAILY basis

It has an abundance of wildlife . Foxes/rabbits/bats/badgers/many species of birds and also deer have been spotted on the land!

It has a lot of local history of old stories which can be found on the hydonians facebook page.

Its a beautiful place with lots of character that cant be replaced . The garden village requirements state that a garden village CANT be urban sprawl , where again this is just the case with godley green , as it would join godley, gee cross and hattersly.

This has to be one of the most used parts of the current proposals , where a community already exists and a place where people will pass and say good morning and smile.


Who is the Greater Manchester Spatial framework ?

I say who as their is little information on exactly who is running this organisation. We know very little about it how it is funded or how its structure is defined.

It seems to be run by the 10 council leader from the various areas. Does it have a budget, I have seen many brochures and cards and posters with the framework logo. Who is paying for all this.

In Tameside it would appear our Council Leader Kieran Quinn is on the committee. Has he spoken publicly about his involvement do we have any say as to whether Tameside actually have to be involved in this process is this a voluntary thing or is it compulsory.

Does anyone have any further information about Mr Quinn and his view on destroying greenbelt in Tameside.

The address of the group is

Churchgate House
56 Oxford Street
M1 6EU

Do we know how this is all funded they must be getting money from somewhere. If anyone has any further information please email


Queens Hotel

Next Public Meeting will be 14th November 2017 at the Queens

Next meeting will be at 7pm 2nd  May at the Queens. Please all spread the word. Thanks


Our next meeting will be held on Wednesday 14th December @ 8pm at the Queens Hotel, Clarenden Place, Hyde.


Mission Statement

Mission Statement

  • Our mission is to protect & preserve our local environment & the interests of local residents.
  • Aims & objectives
    To promote and further the preservation of the local environment & the protection of our greenbelt
  • To monitor all planning applications & to take appropriate action, where the proposed developments are considered generally detrimental to residents, wildlife, nature & public rights if way or in any way contravenes existing  greenbelt guidelines
  • To cooperate with any external agencies who support the objectives of the group
  • To watch over legislative matters which shall affect the interest of the group
  • To create and raise awareness of any proposed planning applications which are deemed detrimental to the objectives of the group
  • To explore all alternatives made available in order to preserve our greenfield/ belt sites.