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As you may be aware you can request almost any information these days using the Freedom of Information Act. This is no longer the difficult obstructive process the council used to make it to avoid sending out the information.

A simple web site. ‘What do they Know’ allows you to send requests into any public body? You are not guaranteed to get the information but if you specific and keep the returning data to a small amount there will be no charge . Tameside council and the Spacial framework are both public bodies under the act to apply for anything that you require.

For example we are all wondering how it is that we were not informed of the Spacial Framework or the fact that our Greenbelt is under threat. Has anyone wondered just how much money Tameside Council has spend on this project or in particular on informing its own residents on the detail of the project. It may surprise you to know the council spent £ 6099 (4199 of which was staff wages) on directly informing its population of the proposals. That works out at around 3p per resident based on the 2011 census of 219300 resident.

The council did however estimate it had spent £ 136,100 on staff wages for 1.5 staff over a 2 year period which equates to £ 42,000 for one member of staff and £ 20000 for the part time member of staff. Not bad wages considering tameside suffers from the lowest wages in greater manchester So the council can afford to pay a part time member of staff the average wage in Tameside. Not bad work if you can get it.

Tameside also spent £ 77,112 giving funding to the Combined authority. This is then allocated towards projects like the Spacial Framework. As far as I can tell only £ 8000 of this has been allocated to this project. So thats £ 80,000 if all the 10 councils do the same. If assuming my maths is correct this works out at almost exactly the same amount as before 3p for resident. So 2.8million people are having 3p each spent on telling them of the demise of their Greenbelt and rural areas.  

You can see the FOI Request by going to downloads or clicking here