Greenspaces Tameside

Protected Open Greenspaces in Tameside are also under threat from development and sale by landowners and TMBC, We need to fight hard to keep ALL of Tameside Green. Under the land policy and with their justification from a straw poll of 3000 people under the 2016 Budget Consultation

Areas at risk include Dane Bank Green Space, Horses Fields Dane Bank, Exeter Rd Haughton Green, Lindisfarne Rd Ashton, Hillview Dane Bank, Greaves St Mossley, Stalyhill Field and Carpark and sites across the whole of Tameside. Between April 2016 and 2017 38 plots of land were put up for sale by Tameside Council via the Pugh Auction website and Auction House websites. Large plots owned by TMBC are also listed on the TMBC website. Please monitor the links below for spaces affected in your areas.


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Fighting against destruction