FOI Requests

Latest FOI 7215 submitted 080217

– Within the MOU completed 15th March 2017 please can you clarify the precise location and area size of the land owned by TMBC cited as a significant amount in the area proposed for Godley Green Garden Village Within the same MOU please can you provide a list of all the landowners who have signed the MOU with TMBC to cover the aforementioned Godley Green Garden Village? Please can you provide access to the bid sent in to apply for the £10 million awarded from the Housing Infrastructure Fund for Godley Green Garden Village. Can you confirm what the award amount will be used for and the calculation behind the amount. How much of the £10 million will be used to fund new schools and doctors surgeries. Can you also clarify as to how this bid can have been submitted when Godley Green Garden Village remains subject to a GMSF rewrite and new public consultation and under the existing UDP Plan this land is protected greenbelt.Please can you clarify as to how much the land owned by TMBC in the Godley Green Garden Village designated vision area is worth and if it has been publicly valued and if best practice has been followed? Please also confirm where this land is listed in the current UDP and under which geographical coordinate areas and where it was listed in the 2016 SHELA assessment of land availability as it does not appear to be in the summary of sites listed above 4 hectares where Robertson Jam/Mossley Hollins and Granda Park Windsor Rd Denton were listed?At the Oct 2017 Strategic Control Panel meeting an amount of £200 000 was set aside towards Godley Green Garden Village. Please confirm what this amount was apportioned to cover and from which  reserve/fund this amount was taken? Response in and can be viewed on What do they know.


FOI 7131Please can you confirm if open space is sold will the revenue generated only be added to the council reserves? Can these revenues be spent directly on social care?Can the council financial reserves be used now to find the police and social care and if so what percentage will be used in 2018 and was used in 2017. Under Review.


FOI 7034 Requested update on Local Plan new timeline and the 2017 SHELAA delayed and the new LDS framework timelines. Update requested on next Windsor Rd consultation and the land sale policy affecting Exter Rd and other open greenspaces when will it be reviewed? What is happening with Two Trees and Hartshead?Has the latest OEAN review amended the figure of 13600 houses apportioned to Tameside for the next 20 years? LDS framework and land sale policy still under review, 13600 remains the figure still and Two Trees is not sold. Planning was granted Nov 2015 for Harthshead playing fields to be sold.


FOI 6750 Please can the following info be supplied and clarification be given upon the queries below?Why was the land at Windsor Rd not put into open public auction or sold on the open market by Knight Frank as per the Samuel Laycock old site sale?What steps were taken to ensure Wain homes has given the best price for the land as per LGA rules and can proof of this best price be supplied?Why was the option Wain Homes put upon the stables not challenged by TMBC as owner of the land so the aforementioned land could be sold at public auction for the best price? When was TMBC informed of the option on the stables from Wain homes?Please confirm the status of the angling club on the Windsor Rd site?Please confirm when TMBC agreed the terms and land sale with Wain Homes. Responded that they haven’t sold the land nor agreed to sell the land and a lease remains on the land until 2024 and they have no control over the relationship between the leaseholder and wain homes.

FOI 6666 Who has paid for Godley Green Vision tender-TMBC got a DCLG grant and if development goes ahead landowners will reimburse the costs to TMBC.

FOI 6665 2016 Budget Consulation- how were the 3000 chosen to ask about land sales and requested full access to data and responses and demographic etc Request denied.

FOI 6664 Request for full update on Hartshead Two Trees and Samuel Laycock sales and reports /responses from Sec State. Response due 1st October. Delayed 10th October. Now has been sent since Dec for Internal review

FOI 6663 Request for access to SHMA data that made up the 13600 calculation and a definition of a price threshold for Tameside affordable housing.The response to your request is detailed below:
1. Calculation of the 13,600 figure of objectively assessed need for housing in Tameside set out in GMSF is explained in Section of the Greater Manchester Strategic Housing Market Assessment October 2016 which is available on the GMSF website via the following link:
2. No specific price threshold has been set for affordable housing under GMSF.


FOI 6614 2016 SHELA Assessment- how can sites be on list if landowner has not granted permission? List based on calculations and list is of sites that have the potential to be used only.


FOI6645Please can we have access to the data gathered from the Strategic Planning call for sites for housing supply that ended 1st April 2017?Any data on sites submitted prior to 1st April 2017 will be incorporated into the Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment that is currently being prepared and will be published later this year.


FOI6644 With the amended dates from the GM Mayor for the redraft of GMSF and its impact on Greenbelt will the dates for the local plan consulatation and implementation be amended?Also will the 3300 houses apportioned to greenbelt under the 2016 Housing and Land Assessment and referenced on Executive Council documents 22nd March 2017 be removed from the plans which apportioned the 13600 houses to 716 sites? Following the decision to delay production of the next stage of the GMSF the Council will be reviewing the timetable for production of the Tameside Local Plan but no formal decision has been taken.The Housing and Employment Land Assessment referred to, published on the 22 March 2017, identified 9,256 dwellings on 716 sites and did not include any green belt sites. The green belt sites identified in the first draft GMSF, to contribute towards meeting the overall housing need for Tameside of 13,600 dwellings to 2035, will be reviewed as part of the next stage of the GMSF production.p

FOI6514 Please confirm of the 13600 houses projected under GMSF how many will be social housing and will the minimum requirement of 10 percent be met? Case by case basis and no specifc sites will be identified for affordable housingPlease also confirm which locations of the 716 sites put forward to meet the total will house the social housing?Please also confirm the current status of the greenbelt land included in gmsf framework such as Apethorn Lane and Sidebottom Fold in terms of the rewrite of the GMSF underway by the GMCA and GM Mayor. Do these areas still remain under the 716 sites or is any plan to include these sites now on hold until the report from Paul Dennet.716 sites do not include greenbelt??


FOI6565 How many unique visitors have visited the planning pages in the Tameside TMBC website since September 2016 with the figures broken down by month please?Can we have any statistical reports you keep concerning website traffic?Responded with data and very low traffic to the website.

FOI6614  2016 Shlaa Please can you clarify if a site is unpermissioned on this list if the landowner has been formally approached by TMBC and if not how the site could justifiably be on this list and if this list is equivalent to the 716 sites mooted for 13600 houses under GMSF? To respond 14th September.

July 2017

FOI 6564

1.       Please can you confirm what data was used to calculate school provision as per the notes per each site in GMSF forTameside ( two primaries for Sidebottom Fold for example were noted in the documents) and give us access to the data itself as well?They did analysis of dwellings and current school capacity2.       When children are not granted their first choice for secondary or primary school how far is the maximum distance they can be legally expected to travel to reach the school they are assigned to?If distance is further than statutory max the school will provide transport.


FOI 6565

How many unique visitors have visited the planning pages in the Tameside TMBC website since September 2016 with the figures broken down by month please?Can we have any statistical reports you keep concerning website traffic?Responded with data.



-FOI 6356- to clarify our request when New Charter and TMBC signed an agreement to transfer stock how much was TMBC paid for this transfer? Should have responded by 11th July.Passed to Andrew Gwynne. Should get response by Aug 10th?

-FOI 6514 Please confirm of the 13600 houses projected under GMSF how many will be social housing and will the minimum requirement of 10 percent be met? Please also confirm which locations of the 716 sites put forward to meet the total will house the social housing? will be looked at on case by case basis.Please also confirm the current status of the greenbelt land included in gmsf framework such as Apethorn Lane and Sidebottom Fold in terms of the rewrite of the GMSF underway by the GMCA and GM Mayor. Do these areas still remain under the 716 sites or is any plan to include these sites now on hold until the report from Paul Dennet. States these sites not included in 716.

  • FOI 6513 How much the Godley Green Tender has cost the tax payer and how much landowners have contributed to it. 14 August have asked me for further clarification.


  • FOI 6487 -Can you confirm how much money is in the council reserves between 2015 and 2017? link given for TMBC websiteas referenced in a previous response one new secondary school will be constructed under GMSF- Please confirm the location of this school.No further info given until GMSF is approved. Please can you provide access to the Tameside Flood Plan and confirm how much greenfield and greenspace land is built into the flood plan and their locations?Link provided Please can you provide access to the AQMA air quality reports from 2000-2017 for Tameside? Reports not kept pre 2009 Cost of the ARC Housing survey 2017? £48000 In the executive planning minutes from March 22nd 2017 with regards to HEAL 2016 reference has been made to 716 sites to provide 9256 houses. Please can we have a full breakdown of the 716 sites with site name, location, type ie greenfield greenbelt, type of houses planned per site and also whether planning permission has been granted on these sites. Referred me to the SHLAA 2016.


  • FOI 6450- Why is SH/Affordable H not included in GMSF figures- Response is yes it will be. Sent new request asking for definition of social housing. 


  • FOI 6408 For 2017 the Council will produce a single Housing and Economic Land Availability Assessment (HELAA) which will be published later in the year. This assessment will follow the advice set out in national planning policy and guidance.- Please can I have the timeframe for this and the date we will see this and link for access to it? No date for SHEELA yet.

FOI 6409 Please confirm from the list below which sites belong to TMBC, which sites TMBC has a vested interest in financially and which sites already have either planning permission approved or an application in process or about to be submitted ie someone has initiated discussions with TMBC?  Responded in part.

FOI 6410 From the ITEM7 Strategic Housing PDF does Tameside council have any vested interest in the sites below and own any of the land on the sites below? Have steps been taken to amend the status of this land and where aforementioned land is denoted as green please confirm the legal status of the land ie open space/brownfield and has planning permission been granted or is an application in process? Responded 24th July. Highlighted a small list of large sites and claims is limited. Analysing now.

FOI 6410-The sites that are greater than 4ha are listed below and this further demonstrates that Tameside’s potential housing supply from large sites is extremely limited:Location Potential Dwellings Site Area Land Use To respond by 14th July
-Site of former Hartshead High School, Greenhurst Road175 6.1 Brown/Green
-Land at Fitzroy Street (AKA Robertson’s 318 8.1 Brown
-Land at south Kings Road, Audenshaw 152 7.1 Brown
-Former Two Trees School site, TownLane 220 7.8 Brown/Green
-Horses Fields off Fairview Road 200 6.3 Green
-Granada Fields/Windsor Road 255 6.4 Green
-Land between Godley Reservoir and A57 126 4.3 Green
-Land east of Godley Reservoir, between Tetlow Fold Farm and Longlands House 228 7.6 Green
-Site of former Hattersley High Schoolsite and Waterside Court (Hattersley Regeneration Sites 21 & 22), 209 6.4 Brown/Green
-Former Newton Printworks (AKA ABC
WAX), Clarendon Road 150 5.7 Brown
-Remainder of land between Hey Farm and Micklehurst Estate, Off HuddersfieldRoad 100 8.1 Green
-Site of former Mono Pumps, Martin Street 178 4.3 Brown


June 7th New Requests Made

  • FOI 6396 Please can you confirm if TMBC has applied for funding for the above scheme and if TMBC is involved with New Charter on the project at Waverley Rd Gee Cross. TMBC not involved in any way


  • FOI 6395- Is there MOU between TMBC High Peak and TMBC and GMHP. 3rd July asked for more info


  • FOI 6390 GGGV Vision and finances-developer is expected to fund everything.


  • FOI6387 Please can I have a list of CPO Orders put against private and social houses since 1980 and the costs incurred for this legal fight? 3rd July list supplied files were all destroyed after 6 years so limited list


  • FOI6388 Please can the legal rationale of the new town councils be clarified and the costs incurred in their creation across Tameside? Responded with link to meeting notes re Town Councils


  • FOI 6389 Please confirm if the Local Plan to be implemented and UDP take precedence legally and/or supersede the GMSF. GMSF and the Local Plan that carries forward some of the policies of the UDP. UDP 2004 saved policies that are consistent with the NPPF are still the plan until new local plan is in place.


  • FOI 6392 Please can you provide for 2015-2017 the numbers of households that receive single person discounts and reduced rates of council due to benefits and reduced rates of council taz due to pension credit broken down by these specific categories? Breakdown of Pension Credit/Council Tax Benefits etc due by 8th July/Data received July List of registered unemployed 2015-2017 Breakdown of Pension Credit/Council Tax Benefits etc due by 8th July. Data received.


  • FOI 6394 Please can I have a list of the green flag woodlands in Tameside? No greenflag woodlands in Tameside


  • FOI 6392 Access to traffic counting reports since 1980 No reports kept referred me to dept transport.


  • FOI 6393 Please can I have access to a list of Mills registered by English Heritage that are under the care of TMBC and the cost of upkeep? no mills belonging to TMBC


  • FOI 6391Please can you confirm if planning permissions and agreements are in place and timeframes for development of the following locations. Plans in place- Weir Project Stalybridge and The Thorns and Godley Hill- will not give any updates and referred me to planning list.Please can you confirm if any changes have been made to the Open Space/Greenspace Policy since 2004? 2009 did review.


  • FOI 6395 Does TMBC have any MOU in place with GMHP and High Peak Council? have asked me for further clarification.


  • FOI 6356 Revenue generated from transfer of stock to New Charter have clarified my request further. July 3rd response delayed. Sent to Andrew Gwynne


  • FOI 6359 European funding received by Tameside for house development since 1980-can we have the figures please? delayed response 30th June- 3rd July no funding received. what funding would be received from the government to fund Godley Garden Village as per the GMSF plan?delayed response 30th June 3rd July they do not have any figures yet. Revenue generated from S106 payments since 1980?delayed response 30th June- referred me 3rd July to notes from Strategic Planning meetings where it is discussed.Total revenue from the 199 sites sold as per the list provided in a previous FOIdelayed response 30th June- does not have the info to give me and cannot supply it. Monetary reserves held by TMBC in 2017 and also 2004-2016 in a year on year comparisondelayed response 30th June 3rd July redoing foi as only keep records 6 years Total amount of CIL levied by TMBC on developers from 1980-2017delayed response 30th June as above redoing foi as only keep records 6 years Cost of the ARC household survey in 2017delayed response 30th June as above redoing foi as only keep records 6 years


  • FOI 6358 Brownfield register- request for link and how we can add sites to it delayed response 30 june 3rd July cannot add sites and will probably be published end year


  • FOI 6357 Under UDP it was stated that 65% of Tameside is open space and 46% countryside. Is that still valid configuration in 2017? delayed response 30th June /July this is correct. List of Beacon sites in the 2013 local plan document- please confirm these locationsdelayed response 30th June/July asked me what they are Please can I have a list of and access to the urban framework plans for Tameside as referenced in the UDP?delayed response 30th June/July does not know what it is. Can you confirm the SDP for Hattersley from 2004 is still in place?delayed response 30th June/July Yes it is Weir Development Plan- can you confirm the status of this plan and when it will be put into action?delayed response 30th June /July still in 2016 land plan for mixed develop not planned as yet Please can we have access to the Manchester Ecology Unit Tree Survey and a list of Trees with Preservation Orders on them?delayed response 30th June/July list of TPO Trees supplied.-AQMA results for Tameside for air quality and any data kept by Tameside Info supplied.
    -Flood Plan for Tameside including the greenbelt areas- can we have access please and when was it last updated? Access supplied.

-FOI 6360 Revoked TPO Orders since 1980- with council for response 30 th June delayed response 3rd July no list kept


  • FOI 6297 Access to Final Brownfield Register-Response They have until 31st dec to publish list in 2017.


  • FOI 6298 Further clarification on the implementation process of the local plan and date it will be implemented Response referred to this page


  • FOI 6290 List of MOU between TMBC and landowners since 1980 Only one MOU Godley Green


  • FOI 6293 Revenue generated from Ashton Moss £1.4 million received 2017/2018 business rates- cannot confirm how many residents employed on Ashton Moss


  • FOI 6292 Statistics on unemployment, social and sheltered housing in Tameside 2015-2017 responded and data given


  • FOI 6296 SCHOOLS Statistics pupil numbers and those denied first place 13 June requested more time. 3rd July 1 secondary to be built under GMSF no primary. Approx 80% get first choice school. Additonal request made for further info July.


  • FOI 6289 Council tax revenues and bands 2015-2017 spreadsheet provided requested data and asked for more info on discounts and exemptions


  • FOI 6294 Access to the list of 8000 Brownfield home spaces JR referenced 13 JUNE Requested more time 3rd July referred me to JR and to the GMSF mapping page.


  • FOI 6291  GMSF- How many jobs and how much council tax it will generate for Tameside Unable to give response as GMSF estimates and no planning applications in.


  • FOI 6295 Relationship between New Charter and TMBC- Response in that Tameside sold to NC housing stock in order to make repairs- have asked revenue info for the transaction. 


  • FOI 6143 Requested from TMBC a list of all greenspace and greenbelt sites either owned or sold by TMBC since 1980 partial response received as they do not need to supply whole list. Spreadsheet attached to me lists all land sold by TMBC since 1999. Does include land that was designated as open spaces. Would not give me current open spaces list and referred me to the UDP.


  • FOI 6186 Requested from TMBC Local Plan start date – Referred me to the UDP. Have requested the full UDP Map and 2011 revisions. Local Plan start date is in 2019 in the LDS framework


  • FOI 6186 Requested from TMBC list of all greenspace or greenbelt with planning permission upon it already granted – this is not granted as no record is kept and I was referred to look at the planning applications search function whilst looking at the UDP


  • FOI 6186 Neighbourhood Planning Forum will be consulted on all planning applications when ratified. Confirmation the brownfield register has been started and access to it response and link given. They gave me access to the Pilot Brownfield Register and confirmed no new sites had been added to it since it was created. Have asked for the date it was uploaded to be clarified and for access to the Final Register under The Town and Country Planning (Brownfield Land Register) Regulations 2017. July- final register will not be able to be viewed until end of year and no further plans to request potential sites to be added to it by the general public.


  • FOI 6208 Request for access to the Pilot Brownfield Register and list of sites on it since creation in 2016 as previous comment.







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