Andy Hunter Rossal Ashton Under Lyne

“The responses to GMSF challenged the quantity of houses required, and the forecasts for economic growth (2.5%).The responses also challenged the type of homes which were proposed. The area of land set aside for housing and the number of houses proposed implies that these will largely be low density, “executive” homes. The councils like these as they bring in more council tax, but they result in a greater loss of green space, and don’t necessarily meet the needs of local residents. There is a shortage of smaller homes and genuinely affordable homes.The responses were damning about the loss of green space. I believe much more can be done to meet housing and employment needs without resorting to a loss of about 1/12 of Greater Manchester’s green belt land.The responses called for more proactive measures to reduce carbon emissions and air pollution and for the combined authority to report on the expected impact of the GMSF on carbon emissions and air pollution.The responses called for a greater emphasis on active travel and public transport, both for health reasons and environmental reasons. They also called for a rethink on the targets to double the air traffic at Manchester airport.The responses were critical of the lack of planning for infrastructure as well.”

Fighting against destruction