Tom Dowse at Godley Green.


Both Tom Dowse and Jack Rankin have answered my questions. Both seem to be clearly against the GMSF building on greenbelt. Rozila Kana for Denton and Reddish has also been asked for the answers,

  • Tom Dowse has pledged that he is against Labour’s plans to build on the greenbelt in Stalybridge and Hyde, calling for the Spatial Framework plans to be scrapped. “There are two proposed developments in Stalybridge & Hyde which would see thousands of houses being built on our precious greenbelt. Sidebottom Fold in Stalybridge would see 650 new houses being built and there are plans for over 2,300 houses on Godley Green.The plans would add further traffic congestion and strain to our public services.Tom has been an active campaigner against the Spatial Framework plans and has a track record of fighting the plans which would see areas of our greenbelt disappear.Labour’s candidate standing for Parliament has supported the Spatial Framework all the way through, ignoring the thousands of people all across Stalybridge & Hyde who have expressed their anger at the proposals.”

Tom said: “A vote for Labour at this election will be a vote for the Spatial Framework. If you value your greenbelt then vote Conservative on the 8th of June.”


Jack Rankin

“In its current format, I do not believe that the GMSF meets the needs of people in this constituency. I am particularly concerned with the threat posed to our greenbelt – as a local lad, I know how important these sites are to our communities. Whether it’s Hartshead and Holden Clough, or Littlmeoss and Ashton Moss, the proposed developments are inappropriate and not in the interests of local people. Although I didn’t submit a response earlier in the year, as your local Member of Parliament I would challenge any proposal that was not in this constituency’s interests, and that includes the GMSF.”

Fighting against destruction