Hartshead and Houlden Clough

Hartshead Residents group are joining us in the fight to save greenspaces and greenbelt. Some areas are featured in the GMSF and and local greenspace is also under threat. Please request to join their Facebook Group.

28.8.27 OA27 North Ashton-under-Lyne Area (Tameside)

The North Ashton strategic allocation comprises a number of sites located on the northern edge of the built up area of Ashton-under-Lyne. Together they have potential to deliver up to 675 dwellings on four sites.

161019_North Ashton1.jpeg

If you would like to see this allocation in more detail on the GMSF Consultation map please click here (this will open in a new window)

The development of the sites will need to:

  1. Deliver a broad mix of types, size and tenure of housing, including starter homes and higher value executive homes in order to diversify the housing mix not just within the Ashton-under-Lyne area but Tameside as a whole;

  2. Achieve excellent design and sustainability through masterplanning and the use of design codes;

  3. Provide a large amount of green and blue infrastructure through the sites including the protection and enhancement of the adjacent ecological assets, particularly Holden Clough Site of Biological Interest (SBI) – ancient woodland and covered by group tree preservation order;

  4. Retain and enhance the other key landscape features such as mature trees and hedgerows that fall outside of the larger areas of green infrastructure;

  5. Provide good quality highway infrastructure to allow access and egress to the site, including key road junctions and off-site highway improvements;

  6. Provide appropriate financial contributions for education and health facilities which may include on-site provision;

  7. Existing dwellings and their gardens need to be sensitively designed into the overall scheme;

  8. Provide enhanced walking and cycling infrastructure (including cycle parking) which will connect into the existing rights of way, including National Cycle Route 626 between Ashton-under-Lyne and Oldham and to local schools, services and facilities;

  9. Provide on-site parks, sports provision and play equipment; and

  10. Incorporate Sustainable Urban Drainage within the site, for example, through the use of green roofs, permeable surfaces, swales and detention basins.

Reasoned Justification

These sites, because of their smaller scale, represent an opportunity to deliver housing quickly in the early years of the GMSF plan period. The semi-rural setting with an existing network of green infrastructure provides the potential for delivering some high quality housing in an attractive housing market area.

Development of these sites would give new residents access to existing active travel and recreation opportunities based around National Cycle Route 626, quiet lanes, footpaths and Daisy Nook Country Park.

It will be essential that these areas do not collectively put additional strain on existing infrastructure. Therefore, development will either be mitigated through a combination of on-site provision, for example through providing highway infrastructure improvements or through the provision of financial contributions for education or health facilities.


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