Lobbying and Letters

Sep 2017 Lobbying the council continues and we are speaking to Sport England about the playing fields at Haughton Green and Two Trees and also lobbying CPRE to assist with the re-establishment of a Brownfield APPG at Parliament.

Please continue to lobby your MP and councillors about the Tameside Landsale policy.


May 2017 Lobbying Social Housing charities and agencies, transport pressure groups and wildlife groups. Lobbying the Greencharter and all those who responded to the 2014 2015 and 2016  GMSF surveys. Asking Historic England for support to identify the 539 mills to be redeveloped.


May 2017 call to all candidates for June Election of MPs to be clear across Tameside on their position on the Greenbelt greenspaces issue and GMSF. Article to be in the Tameside Reporter and also questions and answers to be published on this website.


April 2017


The following letters and email requests for support and engagement have been sent-


April 2017

  • request for support from HRH Prince Charles
  • email to Andrew Gwynne MP and Jonathan Reynolds MP to request a meeting and quote for our website supporting our stance on the greenbelt and greenspaces
  • Requests for help and advice made to RSPB, Greenpeace, FOE, Plantlife, Froglife, Flood Forum, Frack Off, CPRE, Locality, COVOP. Wildlife Trust, Woodland Trust, Manchester Against Climate Change

Please copy the sample template below and lobby your local MPs councillors 

Longdendale- Model letter: my questions to the GM mayoral candidate

[delete and substitute the blue bits!]

Dear Mr. /Ms. [substitute name of mayoral candidate],

As a resident of Longdendale I am very concerned about the threat to our greenbelt in Mottram and Hattersley’s playing-field. In spite of the huge numbers of objections to Tameside MBC’s “Mottram M67 Preferred Plan” in 2013, it appears that these objections have been binned, and the Plan has been taken forward and incorporated into the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework.

I would like to ask you:

  1. What are your views about the above plans for Mottram and Hattersley, given that they fail to give priority to Hyde Town Centre as required by the National Planning Framework?
  2. Why the plans fail to incorporate any brown field sites?
  3. Why the objections from the previous consultation of 2013-4 have been completely ignored? This is undemocratic.
  4. I am concerned about the extension of power conferred upon the mayor. If you are elected, would you CPO (compulsory purchase) my home if it is on land sought by developers?
  5. [Optional: other issue(s) of concern to me, relevant to the mayor]

I would appreciate a response from you to these questions, in time to shape my vote for the mayoral election.

Yours sincerely,

[your name, address and postcode]  [post urgently!]





SGMGB model letter



Dear {name of Cllr, MP, MEP, Group Leader, Party Leader}


I am writing as your constituent, as I wish to register my objections against the draft Greater Manchester Strategic Framework’s (GMSF) proposals to decommission nearly 5,000 acres of Greenbelt across Greater Manchester (GM).  My objections to these proposals are based on the following facts:


  • The GMSF’s household projections are overblown, as demonstrated by the Campaign to Protect Rural England’s (CPRE) independently verified projections. As the CPRE has shown the actual household projections are 87% of the GMSF’s.


  • The GMSF target for building on Brownfield is 70% of the total proposed development, much lower than the 80-90% that recent Local Plans across GM have planned for and achieved.


  • The GMSF projections include an unnecessarily large number of high cost, low density properties, when the pressing need in GM is for higher density, affordable properties, suitable for first time buyers and younger people on lower incomes. GMSF’s focus on building high cost properties on Greenbelt is primarily a sop to property developers who, in exchange for building on Brownfield sites which are more costly to bring to market, stand to make astronomical profits overnight once Greenbelt is decommissioned and made permissible for development.


  • Building on Greenbelt will not address the significant impact the now huge buy-to-let market has had on house prices, particularly the speculative end of this market, which has led to large numbers of flats across GM sitting empty.


  • Plans for building on Greenbelt will exacerbate the problem of households’ reliance on car usage, will increase the conurbation’s carbon footprint and contribute to GM’s already illegal levels of air pollution.


I would be grateful if you would let me have a copy of your response to the GMSF draft proposal within 10 working days. I would also be grateful for a response to each of the five points I make above.


Yours sincerely



Fighting against destruction