• Map of Mottrams under threat green beltThe Council has plans for a massive 86 acres of village land to be “concreted over”
  •  The Green Belt north of the A57 Hyde Road plus the playing fields south of Hyde Road are earmarked for industry and distribution.
  •  This is part of the council’s strategic plan for Mottram.
  •  The community said a huge NO! A record high num-ber of 517 residents wrote to the Council to object to these plans.
  • Big plans we nicknamed  “concreting Mottram” are now with Manchester planners, who are ignoring our massive community objections to it. The plans are now part of a huge set of plans for the whole of Greater Manchester, called the “Greater Manchester Spatial Framework” (GMSF). The planners are “inviting” your new response to the plans, even though the plans are almost identical to the ones of 3 years ago!  In addition, there are further  plans for areas nearby:
    • Godley Green “Garden Village”. Around 2,350 new homes will be constructed (see map.)
    •  Sidebottom Fold, off Mottram Old Road, Stalybridge. 650 new homes planned.

    Godley Green is rural land, just down Stockport Road and south of Hattersley station. This area is as big as the whole of Hattersley West of Stockport Rd, and its new commuters from there will massively add to traffic chaos at the M 67 junction. Worse still, Tescos, plus the district centre & planned new supermarket  will suddenly become more central to supply this big urban sprawl.



Fighting against destruction