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Denton South will share all their know how and expertise on Neighbourhood Planning.


Neighbourhood planning is a vital part of Government’s policies to support communities to develop local Neighbourhood plans. Here to support the local views of the people are volunteers and residents of Denton South who will work to managed and facilitate this planning process, enabling the people in Denton South to have a stronger voice and role in shaping the area where they live.

Having extra powers and being able to shape the community we live in: For me is really encouraging and as a mum, married with two young children, I do want the best for my family and my community. The community is very important as it does and will have a big influence on me and my husband and children’s future.

We have already lost our High School and Library within the last 5 years, that has a massive impact on the community where I live. If we had Neighbourhood planning then, could we have saved these assets? I could not say yes for sure, but I would say we would of had a better chance of saving these facilities!

I would urge everyone to become interested in your own neighbourhoods and get involved with Neighbourhood planning as if we don’t services and greenspaces, more schools and libraries will be in threat. Now we have a planning forum here in Denton South and as a group, we can come together to inform others of plans and influence future plans and work together to keep our well-loved assets.

From Resident and member of The Denton South Neighbourhood Planning Forum. Eleanor Simmons.

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