Supporting Partners





Open Spaces Society- We are now a member of the Open Spaces society.



We are proud to be working together with supporting groups such as Greenpeace and urged you to support their Kinder Scout event in May. Martin Porter from Greenpeace has provides the following inspirational quote.

85 years ago hundreds of ordinary people, including my grandfather, Claude Porter, took part in a mass trespass on Kinder Scout. They were fighting for access to the countryside, which was then the preserve of the upper class sportsman. My grandad won his fight, but now our battle is to save the countryside from houses. The Antarctic, the Amazon, the Great Bear Rainforest; these are wild places that Greenpeace has fought to save. But we must also fight to save the green spaces we all need, as before we can defend Nature, we must first learn to love it, and that happens in the places we visit as children, as parents and as ordinary people on a Sunday ramble.’

COVOP- Community Voice on Planning will be working with SGMGB of which we are a part to ensure our groups are supported through this process and given a voice.

LOCALITY- We will be working with Locality which evolved in 2010 to ensure local community groups can have a voice and input on local neighbourhood planning decisions.



Greater Manchester Campaign Against Climate change believes that all of the greenbelt area around Greater Manchester should be saved and extended. In the face of climate change, greenbelt land has an increasingly important role in storing carbon and preventing flooding and is a vital economic resource for food security and soil protection.

FRIENDS OF THE EARTH  We will be working with Peter from Friends of the Earth Manchester on an air quality survey and we thank Peter and Cat for their support.

WOODLAND TRUST- providing supporting info on TPO and creating Community Woodlands within Tameside


A Wright Wildlife Trust May 4th Manchester Weekly News

……we have decided to form a gang- the Wildlife Trust, RSPB and the National Trust- to make a bit more noise for nature. We have created a manifesto for our mayoral candidates and asked them to make pledges to protect the precious environment in the north west. Together we have more than 60 000 members in Greater Manchester , courageously defending and protecting our wildlife and the areas where it lives……. I believe the majority of people in the North West feel the same. Just look at the responses to the Greater Manchester Spatial Framework and the overwhelming fear amongst residents is the erosion of green areas on their doorstep. We hear a lot about  the importance of nature for health and well-being, about how our children need to be outdoors both educationally and socially, yet our natural world continues to be eroded by development. A doctor called Guy McPherson once said:” If you really think the environment is less important than the economy, try holding your breath whilst you count your money.”

Fighting against destruction